Gravel Driveway Repair

Rejuvenate your driveway without more gravel!

Maintaining a smooth gravel driveway in Montana can be a challenge. Freeze/thaw cycles, muddy springs, and dry summers can cause rough, potholed approaches to your home or business. Often, the suggested solution to repairing a gravel driveway is to bring in more gravel, and just smooth over the surface. Of course, gravel, delivery, and large grading equipment can push up the cost to resurface your gravel drive…and may not even solve your problem!

Ninemile Groundworks uses specialized machinery that makes resurfacing a gravel driveway much more affordable. I can often get the work done in half the time, and usually you won’t need to bring in more gravel–driving your cost down even more. What’s best though, is that the potholes are removed when we resurface your gravel drive–I don’t just fill them in. That means your driveway stays smoother longer, because the gravel can recompact into a smoother surface, rather than being pushed back out of the holes.

Check out the video below to see how my equipment makes it easier, faster, and more effective to resurface your gravel driveway with Ninemile Groundworks.